Reimagining Private Equity and
Small Business Investing

Trident uses data and technology to invest in small businesses and provide equitable access to the American Dream

Trident’s unique data-driven approach finds opportunities in small businesses that others have overlooked

U.S. small businesses represent
$8 trillion
in untapped institutional investment
Trident uses proprietary technology as part of a data-driven investing process that removes unconscious bias and drives alpha creation for Limited Partners

Post-investment support follows a people-first approach generating positive returns and social outcomes

Small business private equity represents an unprecedented opportunity

There are 30 Million small to medium size businesses in the U.S.

160,000 of these businesses generate $10-$100 Million of Revenue

Yet, only 0.52% of private equity AUM is targeting these assets

Trident targets the businesses with the strongest tenure and track record in this asset class

Target Sectors




Opportunity Criteria

Historical profitability

Clear value proposition

Defensible market position

Stable revenue streams

Seasoned management teams

Trident does well while doing good

At Trident, we believe that the best investment opportunities often are found by removing inherent bias.

Core to Trident’s investment thesis is the belief that, regardless of which small business we invest in, leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a competitive advantage and source of value creation for our Limited Partners.

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Trident efficiently scales private equity investing while removing bias by harnessing...


Proprietary Technology

Unique Processes

Trident has developed a systematic approach to private equity that leverages large data sets, proprietary technology, and unique processes. This allows the investment team to evaluate the largest number of small businesses efficiently and without the bias normally present in private equity processes.

Who We Are

Trident and its network are made up of diverse professionals who bring a unique mix of investing acumen, proprietary technology, and operational expertise to direct private equity investing, all with a commitment to exceptional returns for investors and positive social outcomes for underserved communities.

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2024 CEO Letter

Eric Taylor, Trident Founder and CIO, provides his thoughts in his annual letter for 2024.

Are you an investor?

Trident breaks down the barriers to institutional investment in this asset class, resulting in lower acquisition multiples and greater potential for returns – all with an eye towards generating positive social outcomes.

Trident uses a mix of best-in-class investment diligence with data and technology to streamline the private equity process and unlock this asset class.