Southeastern Door Manufacturer based in Hartselle, AL

Excel Interior Door is a leading manufacturer of interior wooden doors. Founded in 1973 by two brothers and led by industry experts, Excel is known for exceptional product quality, faster order fulfillment rates, and excellent customer service. The Company sells to a diverse range of wholesale building product customers that supply builders across the spectrum of new construction and remodeling for single and multi-family residences.


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Network of patient-centric optometry practices based in AZ

Lumina Vision Partners is a growing network of patient-centric optometry practices originating in Phoenix, Arizona. Lumina creates a doctor-centric, patient-focused community as a trusted partner for optometric practices, helping to deliver high-quality, innovative eye care through inclusion and diversity. The optometry practices include opticians who help fit eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision-correcting devices.



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Same-day B2B delivery provider based in Minneapolis, MN

Priority Courier Experts (“Priority”) is a Minneapolis St. Paul-based expedited local B2B delivery provider. Founded in 1996, the company offers same-day delivery services across a diverse fleet of vehicles. Priority’s commitment to quality, flexibility, and reliability has made it a preferred choice for businesses requiring time-sensitive delivery solutions across industries in the region.

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Cold weather gear company based in New England

Founded in 1981 as an alpine and mountaineering gear company by Marie Meunier (the first woman to summit the highest point of the Andes) and her husband John Bouchard, Wild Things is a designer and manufacturer of extreme cold weather clothing and technical apparel for both the military (primarily Special Forces/SOCOM) and mountain climbers.

Trident exited Wild Things when it was acquired by Federal Resources in August 2020.

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Manufacturer of rotary shaft seals in Mt Laurel, NJ

Founded in 1994 in New Jersey, CinchSeal is a manufacturer of rotary shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, and all types of bulk handling equipment. These proprietary seals allow end users to reduce material leakage and maintenance costs and production downtime. Cinchseal serves international and domestic customers   in the food processing, batter production, chemical, pharmaceutical, aggregates, and agricultural products industries.

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A restaurant franchise based in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mountain West Brands is a portfolio of restaurants across Utah and Idaho. Mountain West Brands consists of three beloved Utah brands: Chuck-A-Rama, Grub Steak, and Market Street. Grub Steak has been voted the Best Steakhouse in Utah and opened its doors in Park City in 1976. Chuck-A-Rama Buffet has offered affordable, homemade food since it was founded in 1966 and has been a stalwart of the Utah community for decades. Market Street Grill is a classic restaurant serving fresh seafood since 1980 and offers a menu that includes oyster selections, fresh catches, as well as steaks, prime rib, and pastas.

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Fast casual restaurant brand based in Maplewood, NJ

Cornbread is a fast-casual farm-to-table restaurant focusing on authentic savory soul food with locations in New Jersey and New York. Cornbread serves scratch-made family recipes and provides a unique and family friendly dining experience. All ingredients are sourced locally.

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