Strategic Partners and Allies

If you want to move fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.​

Industry Partners

We engage industry leaders to share our experiences and learn from best practices in asset management; value creation; impact measurement; and diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Service Providers

We partner with best-in-class minority and women-owned service providers to support our  portfolio companies in achieving our commercial and social objectives.  

Accessing Talent

We work with associations and firms that help us access diverse talent pipelines for Trident and our portfolio companies. 

To fulfill our goals of bringing private capital and growth opportunities to small businesses and providing equitable access to the American Dream, we know we cannot do it all alone. It will take coordination between multiple partners, starting with our Independent Sponsors, but also leveraging the access, resources and capabilities of critical strategic partners who support the Trident team, our Independent Sponsors, our portfolio companies and the communities where we live and work.  

Trident Strategic Partners and Allies

Are you interested in partnering?

Trident is committed to building up the small and medium-sized business ecosystem. Trident seeks partners that can provide value-added services to our independent sponsors and portfolio companies and that share our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.